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Certification of Move to Learn PractitionersCertification of Move to Learn Practitioners

We’ve had several requests to organise some kind of certification process for our more active contacts to give their work a greater level of credibility with new clients. A certificate on the wall can be a helpful asset! It speaks of training and experience and inspires confidence.
We’ve been aware of that, but until now haven’t felt it was a direction we wanted to go in.

It has always been our stance that anyone can run the Move to Learn program with the assistance of the books & the DVD. Keeping the program simple, with clear guides that are affordable and easy to implement, is a key component to making the program available to every child; our mission statement. We believe that all a parent, teacher, helper or student really needs are the books, the DVD, a DVD player (or a copy of Ten Gems) and some floor space.

But the reality is that not all parents or teachers have the time or the confidence to run the program alone. Many deeply appreciate the assistance of someone who is experienced, with a broader depth of knowledge, to help them run the program or to run it for them. We are often asked for referrals to professionals who would be able to help parents or schools in need.
To assist here, we have kept a list of those we are confident to recommend, and promoted these individuals on our website, but now we would like to take that a step further.
Certification of practitioners would ensure that a seeking parent or school could be confident that the practitioner was endorsed by Move to Learn.
It will also help to raise the quality of assistance given by practitioners through standardised assessment that would help to ensure consistency of practice and adherence to the principles of Move to Learn as set out in the books and the DVD.

And, most importantly, it will provide greater support and resources to our valuable contacts out there in the field who are actively using the program.

IMPORTANT: Those who wish to run the Move to Learn movement program still won’t need to be certified to do so.

Anyone may use the program, just as they have been able to do until now, but for those who feel certification would be a support to them in their work, we are now offerring three levels of certification: