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The Move to Learn Training Certificate

Move to Learn Training CertificateTraining Certificate

This certificate certifies that an individual has attended an official Move to Learn Training Seminar or workshop and has been assessed as competent to run the program with individuals or groups.
     It is ideal for teachers or professionals who wish to work with their own students of clients. It does not endorse the trainer to run offical Move to Learn Training Seminars or to train others to train.
     To obtain this certificate, applicants must attend an official Move to Learn Training Seminar and pass a written and face-to-face assessment.

NB: It is not required to have a Training Certificate to use our program, but certification enables us to endorse an individual and provides a certificate as evidence of training, assessment and competence in delivering the Move to Learn Program.

This certificate is made available through our Certified Move to Learn Practitioners.

For more information, please contact our Head Office