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Evonne Bennell (Certified Move to Learn Practitioner, licensed Brain Gym® & Visioncircles™ Instructor, Educational/Holistic Kinesiologist, Rhythmic Movement   Training Instructor and Provider, craniosacral therapist and Therapeutic Listening Program provider) Will be presenting a Move to Learn…

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Our new updated poster set of the Move to Learn Movement Sequences is now ready for sale. new set includes 10 posters – the 9 movements plus a ‘warm up’ poster. It has been updated to be in-line with the new research and input incorporated into the new 3rd edition of Ten Gems…


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Clare Crew
  and Jenny Cluning will be presenting 2 hour workshops for parents in August.

For more information, contact: Clare, Adelaide; or Jenny, Melbourne

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Jenny Cluning

Brain Connect – “Developing sensory pathways for a better life”

Jenny is a mother of three boys who has qualifications in general health, fitness and nutrition.