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Certification of Move to Learn Practitioners

It has always been our stance that anyone can run the Move to Learn program with the assistance of the books & the DVD. Keeping the program simple with clear guidelines that are affordable and easy to implement is a key component to making the program available to every child; our mission statement. We believe that all a parent, teacher, helper or student really needs are the books, the DVD, a DVD player (or a copy of Ten Gems) and some floor space.

But the reality is that not all parents or teachers have the time or the confidence to run the program alone. Many deeply appreciate the assistance of someone who is experienced, with a broader depth of knowledge, to help them run the program or to run it for them, and many organisations and schools require evidence of training in order to employ support.

We are also often asked to recommend professionals who would be able to help parents or schools in need. To do this responsibly, there is a need to assess those we endorse, and so we have developed an assessment and certification program and now offer three certificates:

• The Move to Learn Certificate of Attendance (issued for attendance at an official Move to Learn Training Seminar)

• The Move to Learn Training Certificate

• The Move to Learn Certified Practitioner Certificate

Move to Learn Training Certificate

This certificate certifies that an individual has attended an official Move to Learn Training Seminar or workshop and has been assessed as competent to run the Move to Learn program, (as outlined in our e-book, Ten Gems for the Brain), with individuals or groups. Those wishing to obtain the certificate need to first attend a Move to Learn Training Seminar and then apply to our office for registration and assessment.

It is ideal for teachers or professionals who wish to work with their own students or clients.

NB: It is not required to have a Training Certificate to use our program, but certification enables us to endorse an individual and provides a certificate as evidence of training, assessment and competence in delivering the Move to Learn Program.

Move to Learn Certified Practitioners

Individuals wishing to become a Move to Learn Certified Practitioner are expected to have already obtained a Move to Learn Training Certificate, and to be experienced in implementing the program. They are also expected to have a broad knowledge in the field of learning difficulties.

Our Certified Practitioners are qualified to implement the Move to Learn Program with groups or individuals and to deliver Move to Learn Training Seminars. They are authorised to issue official Move to Learn Certificates of Attendance and to facilitate Training Certificates.

These individuals are endorsed and promoted by us as having broad experience in and knowledge of the field of learning difficulties as well as in-depth experience in and understanding of the Move to Learn Program.

The Move to Learn Training Certificate | Move to Learn For more information, please contact us at the office.