Directory of Certified Trainers


Katharine King

Katharine King - certified is an Educational Kinesiologist (Brain Gym), “Move to Learn” Trainer & Listening Program Provider.Katharine is passionate about helping students of all ages and understands the connection between learning, the mind and human movement. She has been introducing targeted Brain Gym exercises into Australian preschools and classrooms for 9 years and has helped students improve the fundamentals of education – literacy and numeracy, sporting and behavioral performance.Treatment employs a range of techniques incorporating music and movement to stimulate brain function by strengthening and creating new neural pathways in the brain.Katharine offers one to one consultations; group exercise classes and training workshops for teachers and parents

South Australia

Dr Jessica Monaghan (Chiropractor)BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro
Phone: 0432171192
Riverland, South Australia

Dr Jessica Monaghan - certified trainersJess is a Chiropractor with a focus on functional neurodevelopment to enable children (and adults!) to function at the highest level that they possibly can! She is currently completing a 2-year Diplomate of Functional Neuro-Development in Chiropractic Paediatrics.

Working with a large volume of children, Jess had a few parents mention the Move to Learn program and this drove her to learn more about it. Being similar to many movements that entwined with her work as a chiropractor in engaging change to the brain, the desire to use the program to work with many children at once through the school system became a reality with the Move to Learn work.
Jess aims to help people learn about their brains in order to get the most out the environment they immerse themselves in. A big part of this includes education about how we are shaped by the sensory experiences we are exposed to, and how the top down processing of our brain enables us to navigate our space as it best sees fit. The more we can make sense of the world around us, the richer and fuller our expression, engagement and development becomes.

Nadia Gagliardi
Prospect, Adelaide
South Australia
Ph: 0423 167 793

Directory of Certified Trainers - Nadia GagliardiNadia is a working mother of three children all of whom had or still have developmental and sensory processing issues. Nadia was taken on her own learning journey as she helped each child work through their individual problems.
Inspired by this personal experience, Nadia has developed a passion for helping children with learning difficulties and strives to increase community awareness of the brain and body     connection.
Nadia is a provider of the Listening Program, is a Certified Provider of ‘Move to Learn’ and a soon to be provider of ‘Rhythmic Movement’.

Western Australia

Edna Giuntini, DCEdna Giuntini, DC
Instagram: giuntini_chiropractic
Facebook: GiuntiniChiropractic

Edna is a chiropractor who is running a family and wellness based practice. As she studies functional neurology and infant development, the connection between balanced and proper movement with brain development is undeniable. Edna works with infants to make sure they have equal movement of their head, arms and legs. This free movement allows the infant to eventually roll, sit, crawl and walk with coordination. In older children, she checks for any retained primitive reflexes that could be interfering with their posture, coordination or learning.
The Move to Learn program is a great tool to be able to use when providing home care exercises for families. Edna finds the addition of the 10 movements from Move to Learn beneficial and supportive to her chiropractic adjustments. To make things interesting for her child patients, she even has a “move of the week” from the 10 gems that she does before their adjustments. Having fun in practice has never been easier.


Daphnie Wong Mun Kit
Mobile phone: +6017 2727 308
8-2 & 10-2, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor. Malaysia.

Directory of Certified Trainers - Daphnie Wong Mun KitDaphnie is a mother of 4 beautiful children who have motivated her in her teaching. She runs 2 learning centres with the aim to reach out to as many children as possible who are facing learning difficulties one way or another. Daphnie is also a certified and registered Brain Gym consultant/instructor

Felicia Chen
Symphonia Academy of Music
50-1 & 52-1 Jalan 1/149D, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
+603- 9054 4982

Felicia ChenFelicia is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Music Education at the University of Malaya, emphasizing on using music and movement intervention to help children with autism to improve their psychomotor, socio-emotional and cognitive development.
She has been teaching music and movement at various music centre since 1998 and has been conducting the BrainEx programme (a music and movement programme for the children with learning disabilities and autism) at Symphonia Academy of Music since August 2015. She has been incorporating the Move to Learn into the BrainEx programme to help the children with disabilities to overcome their retained primitive reflexes.
Thus far, children who have gone through the BrainEx and Move to Learn programme have made a great progress and some of them even proceed to learn a musical instrument.
In 2002, Felicia developed her own music and movement programme – “Pre-YMC course” for children aged 3-4 years old. This programme is known as “Music for Young Kids” (MYK) and she is currently working on integrating the concept of primitive trigger points and mysofascial techniques into her work.


Ann Comrie-Smith

Ann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, General  Education Teacher Certificate, grades 1-8, and Special Education Teacher Certificate, grades K-12, from the USA and has years of teaching experience in international schools in Asia. Ann currently resides in Singapore.

Siti Nur Hajar
Tel: +6590726010

Schools Offering the Move to Learn Program - Siti Nur HajarSiti is a preschool teacher at Early Learning’s Fun Preschool (a mainstream pre-school) working with young children ages ranging from 3 to 6 years old. As she is passionate to help children with learning difficulties, she sees a smaller group of students with learning difficulties once a week. Her interest in Move to Learn grew as she saw the progressions made by her students after she implemented the movements. Move to Learn helps her students concentrate better and they also become more aware of their surroundings. With the noticeable improvements, she hopes to implement Move to Learn in her classroom as part of their daily activity.


Maria Simeone
PO Box 495
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
Tel. 949.874.7628

Maria Simeone - certified trainersMaria is a Teaching Artist, Opera Singer, HealthRhythms® Facilitator, Move to Learn™ Trainer, and Creator of the Remo Affiliate Program Flexity Jig®.  She holds a B.A. with honors in Research Psychology and is published in the field of Cognition/Neurolinguistics, is a trained HealthRhythms facilitator, is the first US Certified Move to Learn Trainer (Sydney, AU), and is trained in Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze, Brain-Compatible Dance Education and Rhythmic Movement.
California-based, Maria provides her brain-compatible music/movement programs to all ages from infants to seniors. She specializes in working with high-risk/trauma populations by focusing on the use of neuro-reflex based creative dance, group singing, sound therapy, and drumming.
As an opera singer, she has performed as soloist in opera, oratorio, musical theatre, and in recital in both the USA and Europe.

Maria is the creator of the Remo Affiliate Program, Flexity Jig – a neuro-reflex based voice-body movement game that boosts learning, focus and creativity. She also recently did a series of 3 interactive (“press and play”) videos for Remo using vocal play and 3 movements from Flexity Jig (Breath, Core-Distal, Lateral Sides) with Remo’s big therapy drum table.
There are free downloadable cue cards.

BrainDance Videos
These are interactive movement videos for seniors featuring Anne Greene Gilbert’s 8 pattern BrainDance with Teaching Artist, Maria Simeone. Easily adaptable for all ages and for classroom use. Produced in sponsorship with Segerstrom Center for the Arts and Alzheimer’s OC. Closed captioned in Spanish with PDFs in English and Spanish of all 8 BrainDance patterns.