Move to Learn Practitioner Assessors

In order to become a certified Move to Learn Practitioner, you will need to be assessed by one of our practitioner assessors. These women are all qualified Move to Learn practitioners and assessors.

Julia DiveJulia Dive - practitioner assessors
Broulee, NSW
Phone: +61 2 4471 6854

Julia Dive is one of our assessors as well as being a Move to Learn Practitioner. She has been a cornerstone in Move to Learn and has helped to develop the Ten Gems Movement Program and spearheaded our Ten Gems for Adults program.
Julia has worked closely with primary school children for over 30 years and was employed as a Teacher’s Aide Special from 1996 to 2008.
Director and founder of ‘Smart Brain/Smart Body’ in NSW, her centre offered assessment, tutoring, Irlen screening, sound therapy, Extra Lesson and Move to Learn, concentrating on the whole child and supporting the parents of the child.
A new passion has been introducing Move to Learn to senior’s communities where she has inspired many to get together and move for a better quality of life; keeping brains and bodies active while encouraging social connection.

Veronica Steer BApp ScOT, RegOT, AccOT  Veronica Steer - practitioner assessors
Adelaide, South Australia
Phone: 0400 804 841
Veronica Steer is also a Move to Learn Practitioner as well as an Assessor.
A registered and accredited Occupational Therapist since 1975, with her own practice in the city of Adelaide, Veronica also holds a Diploma in Kinesiology and is trained in Rhythmic Movement, The Listening Program and Interactive Metronome.
She has been a Sound Therapist since 2000.
In her practice, where she works with both children and adults, she uses a combination of OT predominantly related to brain and body integration, Sound Therapy and LEAP Brain Integration Kinesiology.
With nearly 40 years experience working with children with multiple disabilities, developmental and learning difficulties and those within the autism spectrum, her work involves formal assessment and intervention. Sensory Integration has been her primary focus in order to improve the underlying central nervous system foundations for learning, coordination and behavioural organization.
Veronica was a founding Faculty Member of Sensory Integration Australia, training therapists in this field, and she has also been member of various OT Association committees and the OT Registration Board. She has been associated with Move to Learn since 2004, contributing several articles and being vitally involved with the development of the Move to Learn program.