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Help Your Child to Learn
By Barbara Pheloung

Read a detailed review of this book in The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine.

Sometimes there are apparently unexplainable blocks to learning which prevent intelligent children from reaching their potential. The blockages can be so difficult to pinpoint that no-one is aware of the real problem. Consequently, the frustrated or withdrawn behaviour, which results is often blamed as the problem itself. This hidden handicap and where we can go for help forms the basis of this book.

Help your child to Learn is also available in Chinese. To purchase a copy, please click here.

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This is a practical guide for parents of children who are experiencing learning difficulties:

Where and how to find help that suits your child.

Check lists that will help you identify the areas that need further investigation: body movement, speech, allergies, eyes, ears.

Mothers’ stories of 9 children.

This book will either reassure you that there is no need to worry or identify the best available help.

Barbara Zaremba, Head, The Guild Centre, Sydney College of Advanced Education

“This book should be in the professional library of all teachers and students as a reference.”

Ken Johnson, Principal, Cromehurst Public School, Special Education Centre, NSW
“I will be recommending this book to all teachers and parents who contact us about a learning disability. It contains valuable and reassuring information.”

The book is written for those parents and teachers who wish to help their children to open new horizons through ease of academic learning. Help Your Child to Learn has sold over 22,000 copies and is in its third edition.

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