Overcoming Learning Difficulties eBook


Overcoming Learning Difficulties
By Barbara Pheloung and Jill King

Even the intelligent child can have learning problems. Fifteen to twenty percent of school children puzzle their parents. They do not learn as well as expected, and have unexpected behaviour problems. These children are often described this way: “Should do better”; “Can’t sit still”; “The class clown”; “Rebellious”; “Not trying”; “Dumb”. Parents instinctively know there is a problem, but don’t know how to solve it.

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This book was written for keen parents and for all professionals who are needed to help the intelligent child who is not coping in the classroom. It will help with diagnosis and presents an extensive program of graded activities which are easy to follow.

Full of practical suggestions and sequences of activities, covering a wide range of areas, it is ideal for planning both therapy and home programmes

“This book helps classroom diagnosis of children who are failing to reach their potential and offers practical suggestions to remediate their problems.”

Maxine Anderson, Infants and primary school teacher

“There is a great need for this book because parents know when their child is having problems but it is difficult to convince others. Some people thought I was neurotic when I was seeking help for Scott. Because of the help he’s received he is now more confident and more competent.”

Vicki Morton, Mother of a 7-year-old LD child

“This is an excellent resource book for therapists working with children with learning disorders. It is full of practical suggestions and sequences of activities, covering a wide range of areas. And it is ideal for planning both therapy and home programmes.”

Mandy Ryan, Occupational therapist

Jill King, MAPA, has closely studied and practised in the field of children’s learning difficulties since 1979 when one of her own children (who is now university trained) was found to have learning difficulties. Jill has worked with LD children in multidisciplinary centres and in schools. As both a paediatric physiotherapist and qualified Feldenkrais practioner, she has acquired a special insight into the LD problem.

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