School Floors eBook


School Floors
By Barbara Pheloung

The much anticipated follow-on book in the Move to Learn series, School Floors, provides a brief overview of the history of Move to Learn and gives information about things that can be done after the movement program as well as advice about how to get the program into schools.

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There are chapters on diet, nutrition, food additives, allergies, sound therapy, auditory processing, the effect of retained primitive reflexes, playground management and improving social interaction of LD kids.

Particularly helpful are a quick functional vision screening test, a ‘ready for school?’ test and a ‘what to look for before the third birthday’ chapter.

There are exciting contributions by many leading educators, therapists and specialists in the field of learning difficulties including:

Veronica Steer, Dr Marilyn Dyson, Chris Chapparo, Margaret Greville, Pye Twaddell, Sue Larter, Sue Dengate, Jacqueline Lee, Sue Mackay, Julia Dive, Sue Mackay, Michelle Learmouth, Rachel Fisher, Winsome Richards, Mike Almond & Carol Hewatt.There are chapters explaining the importance of diet and dealing with sound therapy and auditory processing, as well as a section dealing with the effect of retained primitive reflexes & allergies on learning by Occupational Therapist, Veronica Steer and Dr Marilyn Dyson.

Dr. Soezin Krog, Senior Lecturer, University of South Africa (Unisa)

“The program provides teachers with invaluable skills on how movement enables neurological development and with the right kind of movement, children are able to achieve learning readiness and learn better. Move to Learn also emphasises the importance of movement in the educational programme.”

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