Sequenced Movement Posters – A3 size


Sequenced Movement Posters (set of 10)

Large cello glazed posters of the 9 sequenced movements and warm up from the Move to Learn Movement Program – on A3 cards.

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45 × 33 × 3 cm


These are excellent as a prompt or reminder of the requirements for each movement and the warm up. They can be propped up as a reference on the wall or a chair while the students are doing the movement or mounted on the wall.

Each set comes with a special plastic protective wallet for storage or transportation.

Warm Up

1. Rolling

2. Gliding on the Stomach/ Tummy Curls

3. Unilateral Flip Flops

4. Cross Pattern Flip Flops

5. Stomach Crawling/ Back Crawling

6. Rocking

7. Unilateral Crawling

8. Cross Pattern Crawling

9. Cross Pattern Walking

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Dimensions 45 × 33 × 3 cm