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Cecil Patrick Burton

The CEE BEE Center
(A Center for Communication, Emotions,
Exercise, Behaviour and Effective Education)

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Cecil Burton is the Director of the Cee Bee Center located in Takarazuka city, Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan and the representative for Move to Learn in Japan .  The Cee Bee Center provides education, therapy and various services for children with special education needs and support and training for parents, teachers and caretakers who have or interact with such children daily.  With regards to the Move to Learn program the aim and goal of the Cee Bee Center (Japan) and Move to Learn (Australia) is to get this 10 Gems program up and running for special education needs children in nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, special education day care centers and in people’s homes all around Japan.
セシル・バートン氏は、日本の関西地域にある兵庫県宝塚市にて シー・ビー・センターの代表であり、ムーブ・トウ・ラーン・ジャパンの代表でもあります。シー・ビー・センターは特別支援教育を必要とする子ども達に教育、療育、その他関連するさまざまな支援を提供する傍ら、日常的に子ども達と接する親、教師、保護者に対する支援や研修も行っております。ムーブ・トウ・ラーン・プログラムに関してのシー・ビー・センター(日本)とムーブ・トウ・ラーン(オーストラリア)の目標かつゴールは、この“10の宝石プログラム”を周知させ日本中の保育園、幼稚園、小学校、特別支援学校と家庭においても普及させることです。

Based on extensive authentic research over 30 years it has been proven that the Move to Learn program does help special needs children in many ways and aspects that help learning.  The Move to learn Australian program is now available in Japan and in a Japanese version. 
Ten Gems for the Brain – 脳のための10の宝石 
This short e-booklet explains how to do the movement sequences in simple clear language with lots of pictures. It contains all the information you need to run the program in your own home or school. It makes an excellent handout at seminars and is a good reference for parents or clients! この薄い電子書籍は、豊富な絵と簡潔な言葉で連続動作の方法を説明しています。家庭や学校でこのプログラムを行う為に必要なすべての情報が含まれています。セミナー等ですばらしい配布物となり、又、保護者やクライエントにとっての優れた資料となります。

The Japanese and English booklets can be purchased from the Cee Bee Center and specialized training in the effective use of this program can be provided on a private basis to families or individuals and also on a group basis to any school or establishment. 

For further information or details about Cecil Burton, the Cee Bee Centre, and Move to Learn in Japan please click here.

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To purchase a copy of the Japanese translation of Ten Gems for the Brain, please click here: こちらをクリックしてください。
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