Rachel Fisher

Creating Connections

Rachel Fisher is an experienced counsellor with qualifications that include: B.A. Counselling, B.A. Intercultural Studies, Grad Dip. Counselling, Cert IV in Small Business Management as well as being a Move to Learn Practitioner.
She is passionate about helping people with learning difficulties and has developed the following resources for Move to Learn to meet the needs of home schools and smaller independent schools that are asking for a version of the Move to Learn program that is mapped to the national curriculum.

Creating Connections School

Creating Connections is a school based program mapped to the new national curriculum and incorporating the Move to Learn Movement Program. It is a five day a week fifteen minute program that will improve brain function and learning skills for all
students. This resource is particularly useful for students with learning difficulties but is versatile enough to use for all students.

Creating Connections Home 

Creating Connections Home based books are written for parents and remedial teachers to be used with one student or a small group of students. They are fifteen minute five day a week programs.


Beadlers are a development tool to enhance and encourage visualisation, visual processing, mathematical skills, and learning strategies. Each Beadler comes with an instructional booklet that contains information about how and why the Beadlers work. A business dedicated to those who’ve been left out.

For more information, or to purchase any of these products, please contact Rachel at:

Phone: 0433935407

Email: rachelfishercc@gmail.com

Rachel Fisher