Maria Simeone

Maria is a Teaching Artist, Opera Singer, HealthRhythms® Facilitator, trained in facilitation of the Move to Learn™ program, and Creator of the Remo Affiliate Program Flexity Jig®.  She holds a B.A. with honors in Research Psychology and is published in the field of Cognition/Neurolinguistics, is a trained HealthRhythms facilitator, is the first US Certified Move to Learn Trainer (Sydney, AU), and is trained in Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze, Brain-Compatible Dance Education and Rhythmic Movement and various acoustic sound therapy modalities.

East Tennessee-based, Maria Simeone is the creator of her online program for women, Voice Your Resilience. Voice Your Resilience is an emotional resilience program whereby, Maria inspires women to discover their voice as their direct and unique path to emotional resilience and spiritual renewal. Maria guides in the full use of the voice to stimulate the primitive pathways of the brain for deep emotional resilience.
Maria is the creator of the Remo Affiliate Program, Flexity Jig – a neuro-reflex based voice-body movement game that boosts learning, focus and creativity. She is also the creator and featured artist of 3 interactive (“press and play”) videos for Remo using vocal play with 3 key movements from Flexity Jig™ (Breath, Core-Distal, Lateral Sides) using Remo’s drum table with Comfort Sound® technology.
Free downloadable cue cards. are available with these Remo videos.

Maria is also featured in the BrainDance Video series, with Spanish subtitles, which are free to the public sponsored by Segerstrom Center for the Arts

To contact Maria and to learn more about her online women’s program, Voice Your Resilience:

BrainDance Videos
These are interactive movement videos for seniors featuring Anne Greene Gilbert’s 8 pattern BrainDance with Teaching Artist, Maria Simeone. Easily adaptable for all ages and for classroom use. Produced in sponsorship with Segerstrom Center for the Arts and Alzheimer’s OC. Closed captioned in Spanish with PDFs in English and Spanish of all 8 BrainDance patterns.