Ten Gems for the Brain; The Move to Learn Program for all Ages!

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At last we are ready to release our new e-book: Ten Gems for the Brain; The Move to Learn Program for all Ages!

This e-book is an extended version of our regular Ten Gems for the Brain, with deeper explanations into the ‘why & how’ of what we do. It has been developed to meet the needs of adults (older teens through to seniors) who would like to benefit from our program. There are tips and adaptations for seniors and those with disabilities or physical restrictions; photographs to illustrate and a large reference section.

We’ve had exciting feedback from seniors’ groups who have been trialing the program under the inspiration and direction of Julia Dive:
“Informative, helpful course. Just as relevant for elderly folk as well as youngsters.”
“Not only have I enjoyed this course but I feel I am concentrating overall much better and my co-ordination has improved.”
“This course has been extremely good there has been development in my concentration and movement.”
“Very good for improving mind and motor dexterity.”
“This is the shortest hour of my week!”

This booklet is designed to be a stand-alone product for an adult or group of adults, to run the program for themselves in their own home or community centre. A great alternative for older teens through to seniors!

You can purchase it here: info@movetolearn.com.au