Check out all the books that we have to help people with Learning Disabilities.

Help Your Child to Learn contains a questionnaire to help identify where difficulties lie in an individual child. It also gives a lot of information about Learning Difficulties. This is a great place to start, especially if you are a parent.

Help Your Class to Learn is great for teachers, keen parents or practitioners in the field of Learning Difficulties. It has a lot of information about setting up a perceptual movement program in a school, including suggestions of equipment , (much of which you could make yourself), & activities.

Overcoming Learning Difficulties helps with diagnosis and presents an extensive program of graded activities which are easy to follow. Full of practical suggestions and sequences of activities covering a wide range of areas, it is ideal for planning both therapy and home programmes.

School Floors gives information about things that can be done after the movement program as well as advice about how to get the program into schools. There are chapters on diet, nutrition, food additives, allergies, sound therapy, auditory processing, the effect of retained primitive reflexes, playground management and improving social interaction. Particularly helpful are a quick functional vision screening test, a ‘ready for school?’ test and a ‘what to look for before the third birthday’ chapter.

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